Take a Poll – Equity Mutual Funds – Retail Investor Behavior in 2020

Recently came across a very interesting data. It was about Equity Mutual Fund flows during 2020. See the image below. It shows inflows for Equity Mutual Fund increased when market crashed in Feb and March.

It also shows outflows started in June and went high as market went high. This is very interesting trend to me.

Not that retails investors should try to time the market, but does below trend show retail investors have starting understanding “Buy Low and Sell High” phenomena.

Equity Mutual Fund Flows in 2020

Did you really bought more of Equity Mutual Funds when markets crashed and sold when markets went high? Request you to take below anonymous poll and let us know.

Poll result will let us understand real retail behavior. So request you to take poll below. If you are Mutual Fund Distributor or advisor, you can share this page with your clients. More the people vote, better would be insights for all of us.

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What was your behavior for Equity Mutual Funds during 2020?
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