Kuvera App – Free but is it really good?

I think you want to invest in direct plans of mutual funds and save on commission and looking for a free app for same. By now you must be aware how even 1% difference in direct and regular plan can make a huge difference in your corpus especially for long term goals. Kuvera is free … Read more

How to Find Your Ideal Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation Explained

How much should I invest in Equity?How much should I be investing in Gold? How much should be my debt allocation?Should I buy house as investment?All these questions are for understanding what should be asset allocation. Everyone is talking about it right now. Especially with the financial crisis that we are going through currently due … Read more

Franklin Templeton fiasco explained for a layman

Franklin Templeton Winds up Six Schemes

Franklin Templeton decided to wind up around 28,000 Cr of debt funds after a liquidity crisis. Since to some extent, Covid-19 or Corona has played its role here, I will try to use corona as analogy to explain it. 1. What happened Franklin Templeton has wind up six of its debt schemes. You can read … Read more


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