How To Start SIP in NPS

This article is about- How to start a SIP in NPS using the Direct Remittance or D-Remit Facility

What is the D-Remit Facility in NPS?

D-Remit facility in NPS is an electronic system to transfer money directly to the NPS trustee bank account (currently Axis Bank), rather than going into the intermediary bank account and then transferred to the trustee bank. 

In the current scenario, your contribution is transferred to the trustee bank account after two working days of investment i.e. T+2 days, even if it is made online through the e-NPS account. 

This new facility would help you to get the same day NAV for the contribution made to the NPS account, if it is received before 9:30 AM (cut-off time) by the trustee bank except on public holidays, saturdays & sundays, else next working day NAV would be received. 

All existing NPS subscribers can avail of this facility. The minimum contribution done through this mode would be Rs. 500.

Through the D-Remit facility, you can also start a Systematic Investment Plan or SIP in NPS. You can set up an auto-debit from your bank account every month/quarter/year by giving standing instructions to your bank. The minimum SIP amount would also be Rs. 500.

How to start SIP in NPS using the D-Remit Facility?

In order to start SIP in NPS, using the D-Remit facility, you have to first create a Virtual Account (virtual ID) with the Trustee Bank which can be used for remitting your NPS contributions, and add it as a beneficiary through the net banking facility of your bank.  

But before starting with the same, make sure that your Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) is active and your Mobile Number is updated in NPS.

Steps to create a Virtual Account Online:

Follow these simple steps to create the Virtual Account Online on the e-nps website:

Visit the e-nps websiteYou have to visit the e-nps website. The URL of the same is-

Click on National Pension SystemClick on the National Pension System button shown above. The following window would appear on clicking. 

Select “D-Remit VID Generation”You have to select “D-Remit VID Generation” for creating a Virtual account as shown above. You will get a pop-up message containing information about the D-remit account. Read these points and click on ‘continue’to proceed further. 

Enter the DetailsOnce you click on ‘continue’ the following screen will be displayed where you have to carry out virtual account registration by entering Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN), Date of Birth (DoB), mode of receiving One Time Password (OTP), and captcha. 

Enter OTP to verify PRANNext, you need to click on ‘verify PRAN’. Upon verification of PRAN, OTP will be sent to your registered mobile no. (If the mobile no. is selected) and on email ID (if email ID is selected). Enter the OTP and click ‘Submit’. 

Select ‘Virtual Account Registration’ TypeNow,  you have to select “Virtual Account Registration” Type i.e. for Tier I/Tier II, and click ‘Generate Virtual Account’.
Please remember, you need to have unique virtual accounts for both tier 1 and tier 2 accounts. In other words, if you choose the both option, two separate accounts would be created for each tier. The sixth digit of your Virtual Account with ‘1’ or ‘2’ is the identifier for Tier I and Tier II accounts respectively.

AcknowledgementOnce you are done with this, you will get an Acknowledgement as shown below

Virtual Account Registration detailsBy clicking on “Ok” you will be able to view the Virtual Account Registration details as shown below. Virtual Account confirmation by NPS Trust will be pending. The same will be registered by the next working day.  

You will receive an email confirming the activation request

Another confirmation email would be received, once your virtual account gets activated.

How to Add this Virtual Account as a Beneficiary?

Once the virtual account created using the steps mentioned above gets activated the next working day, you may add this account as a beneficiary using the Net Banking facility to start SIP in NPS. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to the Net Banking Portal of your Bank.
  2. Now you need to add this Account as ‘beneficiary account’ along with your name as mentioned in the NSDL-CRA records as ‘beneficiary name’.
  3. You need to enter  ‘UTIB0CCH274’ (the fifth character is ‘zero’) as IFSCCode of Axis Bank (Trustee Bank) for transfer of funds and account type as ‘Current Account’ if required.

After doing this, you may start investing in NPS as per your convenience through the D-Remit Facility, which would help you fetch the same-day NAV on your investment (if funds are received before 9:30 AM).

You can also start SIP by giving standing instructions to the bank, a fixed amount would be directly debited every month from your bank account and would get deposited in NPS, just like we do in Mutual Funds.

Through this mode now NPS investors can also reap the benefits of rupee cost-averaging and would help them inculcate a saving discipline similar to EPF as well. 

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