Free CFP books / study material in India

This post is to help people perusing CFP (Certified Financial Planner) course in India but do not directly want to enroll to any course for now. So you need to register in Self Study mode with FPSB. I will keep sharing any free CFP books or online study material that is available on this page. … Read more

INDwealth (INDMoney) Super Money App – Best personal finance app?

INDmoney Logo

Super Money App. That is what this wants to be for Indian investors. Let us do a quick and short review of INDmoney or INDwealth app and see does it hold promise. I will do more detailed review after using for few months. So treat this as a trailer. Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost… … Read more

Kuvera App – Free but is it really good?

I think you want to invest in direct plans of mutual funds and save on commission and looking for a free app for same. By now you must be aware how even 1% difference in direct and regular plan can make a huge difference in your corpus especially for long term goals. Kuvera is free … Read more

Nippon India multi asset fund – short review

CFP Course Blog Image

Its rainy season in India. Mutual fund AMCs are raining investors with lots of multi asset funds. Almost every fund house it’s coming up with multi asset fund. So why should Nippon stay behind. They are also coming up with their variant of multi asset mutual fund. I think main reason is due to recent … Read more

Money Tip # 2

Always check Rolling Returns of Mutual Funds instead of point to point returns When we select a mutual fund for investment, past returns of the fund play important role in our decision. However one common mistake most of us do is we make decision based on point to point returns. I think rolling returns would … Read more

Motilal Oswal Multi Asset Fund NFO – A short and quick review

Motilal Oswal Multi Asset Fund

Motilal Oswal AMC is launching a new fund (NFO) opening on 15th July and Closing on 27th July. Of course, it is an open ended fund. So you can invest in it later as well. Let us do a short and quick review of Motilal Oswal Multi Asset Fund and see if it is suitable … Read more

Bharat Bond ETF 2020 – A short and quick review

Bharat Bond ETF

Edelweiss AMC is launching second leg of Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) launched in 2019. Let us do a short and quick review of Bharat Bond ETF 2020 so you can take informed decision to invest or otherwise. Basically this ETF will have exposure to debt of only Public Sector Units (PSU). This is similar to … Read more

Groww App Review – Is it Best Mutual Fund App?

Awareness for direct plans of mutual funds is increasing. People want to move to direct plans from regular plans and save on commission to distributor MF Agent. There are multiple platforms available to do this. Today we will review Groww Mutual Fund App for investing in direct plans of Mutual Funds. Groww is totally free … Read more

Mirae Asset Arbitrage Fund NFO – Review

Mirae Asset Arbitrage Fund

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund is launching a new fund. Let’s review Mirae Asset Arbitrage Fund NFO today. What is an Arbitrage Fund? Should you invest in it? Or there are better options? NFO opened on 3rd June and closes on 12th June 2020. Since this is an open-ended scheme, even if you don’t invest now, … Read more

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