How to start blog in India – Real Life Story

I am “TechNFinance” – a blog and this is my life story. Hope this will help you decide on how to start a blog in India. This is my life journey. Hope you would love this as much I did while writing it.

I will keep updating more details as I mature. But let us start where are we today – in November 2020.

How much does it cost to start a blog in India?

So before you decide to blog you should know the expenses that are needed to take care of blog – that’s me. If you think in terns of money, I am not that expensive to start with.

Below are expenses incurred so far by my parents to bring me to life and also keep me going thus far.

DateDetails of expenseAmount
in Rs
05/05/ domain name registration for 1 year & WordPress hosting for 3 years 4,735/-
20/12/ domain name registration for 3 years1,648/-
12/08/2020SSL certificate – 1 year 825/-
Total expenses so far7,208/-
Actual Expense of blog

So you got idea. I think you should have something around ten thousand capital to sustain a blog for 3 years which is sufficient time to see if its working out or otherwise.

I would request to keep some amount aside for me – blog before you start with it. This will help you buy some useful tools, promotions as and when needed.

Who & when should one start a blog

Treat me (blog) as a child to take care. So do plan before you really start on it. There is absolutely no rush or deadline. Don’t waste time or money unless you are really sure this is for you.

First and foremost quality one should have is interest in writing. Note I don’t mean writing skills like great phrases, dramatization etc. All you need is desire to write and feel good about it. If you are not sure, don’t immediately start a blog.

Just take a notebook and start writing anything that you like or of your interest. After couple of months, check if you still wish to continue. If yes, may be blogging is good idea. If no, blogging is definitely not for you.

Once you have ten to fifteen articles in your note book, you should seriously consider starting a blog.

Which Niche Should You Should Start Your Blog in?

You should start blog only in area of your interest without any other consideration like money, popularity of topic etc. Blog is long term process and you will not be able to sustain your passion if you don’t like the subject.

If you have followed earlier step of writing 15-20 articles, then this should be straight forward for you. Look at all the articles and ask yourself which of those you enjoyed writing most. Do not try to judge quality of your blogs as which are more detailed etc. Ask just one question, which of them relaxed you most as you wrote them.

Those articles will give you hint as where your passion is. That is area you should focus.

How to Choose The Perfect Domain Name?

Time for Naming ceremony.

There is nothing Perfect in this world (sorry Amir Khan) and so is case with domain name. However it is good to have name of your blog / website in line with topic(s) of your blog.

My parents already made a mistake. They named me and later changed to and still not satisficed. I saw my parents googling for a new name. So certainly they are themselves confused lot.

Please check for answer somewhere else. Who likes changing name again and again. My view, we blogs love short names. Its easy for people to remember and less prone to spelling mistakes. If you can find something relevant in 5-6 characters, your blog would love and thank you later.

Would be good to go for .com over others. But if you have only Indian audience then .in should be fine.

Which Platform to Choose for Blogging?

WordPress. Period.

Platform is like environment for your child to grow in. Everyone wants to give best to their children. Don’t even waste time doing any research. WordPress is the best and economical platform for blogging.

Lot of support, plug-ins , themes. You will not go wrong with it. Just go through few YouTube vedios to learn bit about wordpress. If you spend an hour per day, you should be able to manage on your own within a week or two.

Which Hosting Provider to start blog?

If you are using wordpress as platform, you can easily move from one host provider to other. So when you start just pick one that is offering you cheapest 3 year plan.

If your blog really grows well, you will get some monitory benefits which you can reinvest in better, faster hosting platform. But for a starter, any platform is okay. Also as I mentioned earlier, porting to different provider is not difficult.

I live in godaddy host provider. I am reasonably happy with overall experience. Speed could be little faster but its okay. You can google to see other providers and their plans.

Do however sign up for at least 3 year plans if not more. Most of the time we want to spend less and go for one year plan or so. However when you go for renewal, you will not get same discounted price. So better think on this aspect well and go for lonest period possible as per your budget.

Time for action – start blog

Now that you have registered domain, got hosting plan – its time to showcase you passion for me. Start writing regularly and publishing one by one. Start somewhere. Here is how I started my first blog.

Writing skill is art so you can’t master it over a short period of time. Neither you should spend lot of time on it as well. My parents focus more on content they like.

There is lot of material already available on internet on better blogging so I will just focus on how I improved over the time.

  • Earlier I used to go with flow. My sentences were long. Now I try to keep them small and easy to read.
  • Paragraphs are shorter too with line break after each 2 – 3 lines
  • More headings so people can skip some and read what they are interested in.
  • I have started reducing images from blog unless really necessary and that has helped improve speed of page loading.

Where to get images for blog?

Avoid copyright issues from day 1. Use websites like pexels to get free images. Also don’t add un necessary images as that will slow down your page loading (I face this issue a lot). My blog does not open quickly. I am working on it and will update as and when I get a solution.

Have patience

As you will start writing, you will become impatient. You would start expecting some results soon. Take my word for it. Unless you are very lucky, nothing that sort will happen.

Treat your blog as your education. It took us so many years before we got our first job and got some money. Even blogging is like that. It has a very slow initial curve. I am going through that period now.

Why I am still around because we know it will take time and there is no hurry. If you have plan for any fame or money in less than 3-4 years, you are in wrong place. Try something else.

Once you start blog, should you promote your blog?

I am rarely promoted. My parents are of little shy nature and they don’t like to promote me in each and every small thing I do. But you can go ahead and promote. Just don’t over do it.

Sharing article on whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc is fine but that will just help you get some visitors during early period. Your friends, relatives will appreciate your work as you are starting something new.

But that is not really useful. For your blog to be successful, it needs to reach specific target audience. People who are interested in topic. Uncle Google is key here.

Google Site Kit Blog Overview
I am getting more than 80% users from Search. This is good sign

How to do free Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Since I feel, best way to grow the blog is via Google or search engines. How do we make sure our blog is found when people search for particular topic. e.g. how do this page gets listed on first page when people in India search for “How to start blog in India”

This is little technical if you are new to blogging and I feel you should look at it as additional promotional work once article is written. You can watch few videos if you don’t know about SEO but in nutshell it is something that helps search engines like google to know about your blog. Key is to provide Google insights which will make your article rank on its first page of search result. Some of the free tools / plug ins that were used are as below.

If you have reached me (this website) via google search, this is enough for you from SEO perspective.

How many articles needed for AdSense approval?

Adsense approval was important for me. I knew income is low but it is sorted of milestone for me. Something like passing your first exam and getting some acknowledgement that content is good enough.

I was shamelessly trying for approval every month. After each 3-4 articles or so. My first article got published in last week of December 2019 and after almost 10 months and around 30 articles, finally Google God smiled on me. Sometime in first week of Nov, first time ad appeared here.

So 10 months, 30 articles of reasonable length is all it took Google to convince I am here to stay on internet. You can brows through to see size of my articles.

How much AdSense pay blog in India?

Very little and you should not focus much on it. As of today (14 Nov 2020), its around a week since the approval.

During this week estimated earning is $0.29 or Rs. 21.62. That is for 300 users and approximately 417 views in a week. This is estimated earnings. Once I get actually paid, will let you know more details.

Since rate varies with lot of factors like your viewers, niche, advertiser etc, it will vary from blog to blog. All I want to convey is if you are blogging for AdSense income, forget it. You can’t make a descent earning at least for some time. However it may be useful for you to meet expenses of blog, buying some plug ins etc.

How you can make money from blog in India?

There are multiple ways to make money from blog. Let us see few that I tried.

  • Running Ads- l got approved by Google Adsense in first week of Nov 2020. Estimated earning of Rs 20/- in one week.
  • Affiliate marketing – I joined Amazon Affiliates in first week of Nov 2020. Just Rs 50/- in one week.
  • Selling place of your website like header for some advertisement. Not possible for small bloggers in initial period till viewers are more than 1000 per day
  • Sponsored reviews – I don’t like the idea as this creates doubt about us in viewers mind. But you can give it a try. However be very clear that article is sponsored.
  • Sell your own product – Again not possible in early stage of blogging. Examples are selling your own book, course, etc. But again this needs some skills and you should try it only after getting established in blog.
  • Referrals – Some online products pay small amount if people sign up. This is similar to Affiliate marketing. Very careful about what you are referring. Users sign up on your trust. So unless you have tried and tested it, don’t recommend lightly. So far just Rs 201/- in almost a year.

As you can see above, there are multiple ways to make money. But if you see amount, its very little. I am less than year old now. As I grow, get more viewers, I will share monthly update. So visit again next month.

That’s all for today. If you start a blog, do comment or link me in your blog.

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