Free CFP Notes

This post will be updated on regular basis with study notes for CFP exams. Purpose is to act as refresher just before exam. Since it is not possible to complete everything in one go, I will keep it updated with few chapters every week.

Investment Planning Specialist

  • Useful formulas for CFP
  • Module IA. Global Personal Financial Management
    • Chapter 1: Personal Financial Situation
    • Chapter 2: Cash Flow Demands and Conflicts
    • Chapter 3: Budget and Emergency Fund
    • Chapter 4: Debt and Financing Alternatives
    • Chapter 5: Financial Management Strategies
    • Chapter 6: Time Value of Money
  • Module IIA. Global Investment Planning and Asset Management
  • Module IIB. India-Specific Investment Planning and Asset Management
  • Module IIIA. Global Regulatory Environment, Law and Compliance
  • Module IIIB. India-Specific Regulatory Environment of Financial Sector


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