Free CFP books / study material in India

This post is to help people perusing CFP (Certified Financial Planner) course in India but do not directly want to enroll to any course for now. So you need to register in Self Study mode with FPSB. I will keep sharing any free CFP books or online study material that is available on this page.

Post will be updated on regular basis. So keep visiting regularly. If you know any good resource that is freely available, let me know in comments. I will update post for everybody’s benefit.

Free CFP Study Material

  • One good place where you can get some free CFP study material, mock exams and even some books to read online is SCRIBD.

    You can sign up and start a free trial for 30 days. If you use my SCRIBD referral link, then you will get 60 days free trial for reading same and I also get 30 days free period when you sign up 🙂

    Download required material before trial expires. Material is not latest but is sufficient for you to clear exam. Only part where you need to be little careful is Tax module as Taxation changes every year.
CFP Study Material, Books at SCRIBD
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CFP Study Notes

You can refer my post for my own CFP notes that may help you in last minute revision before the exam. Of course its work in progress and will try to add notes regularly.

Free CFP Books

Work in progress….Please visit again in a week or so

  1. SCRIBD above will also give access to some books on CFP.
  2. If you are at very early stage of deciding if you should do CFP, you may like to have a look at free cfp books (ebook) provided by Proschoolonline here. This will give you some feel of what to expect without spending any money.

Free CFP Videos for starters

Work in progress….

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How to use Calculator for CFP calculationsInfinite Financial Academy


You will need a financial calculator for solving CFP sums. You have option to use excel as well. However in pandemic, if you give CFP exams from home, excel or equivalent software in not allowed. So better to also have practice of using calculator.

Casio FC-200V is most common and approved one. I used same. You can check out price and buy it from amazon.

CFP Alternatives

1. Cheap alternative – Investment Advisor Certification

If you already have experience in this field and intention is to get down and start SEBI registered Investment Advisory work but do not have sufficient time or money to do CFP, you can consider very cheap and simple option of Investment Advisor Certification. I did this before CFP. Details here.

2. Practical alternative – Investment Advisor Certification

If you are already in this field like say mutual fund distributor and would like to enhance your business then networkfp’s QPFP program is good. Personally I have not done it yet but few people in my network have done and feedback is good.

Overall cost would be around 50K plus some yearly renewal fees.

Key highlight is templates or tools they provide. Practically they are useful for creating financial plan for someone.

This is what was missing in CFP. It gives understanding of all calculations but does not help with tools and calculator templates.

CFP Training Courses

You should join a course or training if you can afford. You can refer my article which compared few good courses available in India. That may help a in saving your time searching for resources. But all the people may not afford these and would like to do self study.

Also, when I had approached my Mentor and when we started on my learning journey, we realized lot of people do leave the CFP journey half way.

Lack of interest or motivation, I am not sure what could be exact reason. But I feel, we all should do some ground work before we spend money. This article is attempt to give you some references without spending any money on it.

After reading material and watching all videos, if you are still interested moving in this direction, then you can go for certification & course.


If you are also a CFP and would like to write an article on any topic that will help others, do contact me. Article would be published with your name and contact details so you would get due recognition.

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