Certified Financial Planner (CFP) India – Study Material and Resources

I am sure you must have heard about CFP certification by fpsb India. Here I am planning to build some useful framework to share study material with people interested in doing CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certification in India.

Hope you will find it useful. Even if you are not doing CFP certification but interested in personal finance, topics should help you in general.

So why this page

Okay. Main objective it to have resources for all the syllabus at one place. To have links to useful resources at one place and of course my own short notes as well.

All the information is already available in public domain and you can google it yourself. Where I struggled is that let us say if you need to learn about a topic say time – value money then I need to visit at least 4-5 links from google search page and find which is easiest or make my own notes etc.

I felt it will help others if I would have got reasonable resource page / blog or video on the topic at one place. That would save me some time. So this page is born.

Even if you are not doing CFP but doing some work in financial planning, insurance, mutual fund distribution, I think this material will help you learn few important things in short time.

Why not simply join a course

You should if you can afford. You can refer my blog which compared few good courses available in India. That will help a lot as it will save you time searching for resources. But all the people may not afford these and would like to do self study.

Also when I had approached my Mentor and when we started on my learning journey, we realized lot of people do leave the journey half way.

Lack of interest or motivation, I am not sure what was exact reason. But I feel, we all should do some checks before we spend money. This place is attempt to give you some reference without spending any money on it.

After reading all material and watching all videos, if you are still interested moving ahead, then you can go for certification & course. By then, you will have fair idea if you are really keen to pursue career in this field.

How should you plan

If you ask my personal view, study regularly say an hour per day. Try to do just one topic per day but don’t try to time box or rush through.

If you are interested in making career in this or any field then you need to really understand concept and aim should not be to complete 4 or 5 topics.

Don’t consider any topic as complete unless you understand it properly. Remember, you will be managing people’s money. That is next important thing after their health. So you should be very knowledgeable in this topic.

Sooner or later people will move away from distributor model as more and more things are becoming online and direct. People will pay you if you are expert and dump you if you are just mediocre.

So your aim should be to be An Expert Planner and not just certified financial planner (CFP).


You will need a financial calculator for solving CFP sums. You can also do it via excel but generally all students will need to learn this calculations via calculator as well. This is because its more handy for discussion with clients than excel.

I use Casio FC-200V. You can check out price and buy it from amazon. If you buy it from here, you will not pay any additional price but it will help blog.

Online CFP Study Material / books / ebooks

You can refer here for some of the useful books and other study material available online.

My own CFP Notes

This section will have notes that I took during preparation for CFP. You can refer them as last minute revision or cheat sheet. I will keep them updated on regular basis.

Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Watch out. More to come here

Insurance Planning

Watch out. More to come here

Tax Planning

Watch out. More to come here

Estate Planning

Watch out. More to come here


If you feel, there is better CFP Study material than what I have listed, please comment so others can benefit.

This process will take some time to complete. May be overall six months is what I estimate. I will keep adding may be one topic per day as I get some resource that I like or my mentor guides. So have some patience.

Do comment, suggest if you like the idea and any way it can be done better. If you are also a CFP and would like to write an article on any topic that will help others, do contact me.

CFP Alternatives

If your main intention is to get down and start Investment Advisory work but do not have sufficient time or money to do CFP, you can consider a cheaper and simpler option of Investment Advisor Certification. Details here.

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