China Equity Mutual Funds – Which one is right for you?

China Dragon

Edelweiss Greater China Equity Offshore Fund or Axis Greater China Equity Fund of Fund. If that is question in your mind, let’s make an attempt to answer which of China Equity Mutual funds is right for you. One reason for investing in mutual fund is diversification. We can start with small amount like 500 rupees. … Read more

Tata AIA Fortune Guarantee Plus review

Let’s do a small quick review of Tata AIA Fortune Guarantee Plus. Let us see if its going to change your fortune in guaranteed way. As with any insurance plans, there are multiple options available to confuse users. However underlying returns do not change much. So we will take one use case and check IRR … Read more

CFP Certification – my story

A week back, in February 2021, I cleared my final CFP exam. It was a very proud moment for me as I completed all exams in first attempt and that too in just about 4 months. Without any classes. After initial euphoria, I thought of sharing my experience with you. Hope it will motivate you. … Read more

Which are best mutual funds for 2020?

Investment Strategy in Covid Situation

This is the question on many investors mind. Which are best Mutual Funds for year 2020. Covid-19 crisis is seen both as as biggest economical challenge as well as a great investment opportunity by investors. Corona virus not only threatening to take lives but also disrupting world economy. Small investors are most concerned and confused … Read more