How to know your mutual fund returns? know your XIRR

One common issue that all mutual fund investors or to that matter even direct stock investors face is that we don’t know how our investments are performing. Are we getting 7% or 10% or 15%. XIRR is the answer. We invest in stocks and mutual funds in different ways. In guaranteed return schemes like FD, … Read more

How to select Financial Planner or Investment Advisor?

Family Calculating Expenses

Our wealth is perhaps one of the most important things for us. Ranks may be just after our health and family. Financial Planner or Investment Advisor plays important role in managing our wealth. So how to find a good investment advisor?, What qualities they need to possess?, What educational qualification Investment Advisor should have? Should … Read more

How to be an Investment Advisor without doing CFP Certification

You are a Mutual Fund Distributor, Insurance Agent or in field of selling of some financial products. You now want to move to next level which is Investment Advisor or Financial Planner. However you do not have time or money to do CFP Certification. Is there any other alternative available? Yes. Regulator itself has provided … Read more


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