How to select Financial Planner or Investment Advisor?

Family Calculating Expenses

Our wealth is perhaps one of the most important things for us. Ranks may be just after our health and family. Financial Planner or Investment Advisor plays important role in managing our wealth. So how to find a good investment advisor?, What qualities they need to possess?, What educational qualification Investment Advisor should have? Should … Read more

How to be an Investment Advisor without doing CFP Certification

You are a Mutual Fund Distributor, Insurance Agent or in field of selling of some financial products. You now want to move to next level which is Investment Advisor or Financial Planner. However you do not have time or money to do CFP Certification. Is there any other alternative available? Yes. Regulator itself has provided … Read more

Money Tip # 2

Always check Rolling Returns of Mutual Funds instead of point to point returns When we select a mutual fund for investment, past returns of the fund play important role in our decision. However one common mistake most of us do is we make decision based on point to point returns. I think rolling returns would … Read more

Explained – Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation Explained

How much should I invest in Equity?How much should I be investing in Gold? It is rising for last couple of yearsHow much should be my debt allocation?Should I buy house as investment?All these questions are for understanding what should be asset allocation. Everyone is talking about it right now. Especially with the financial crisis … Read more

Banks reducing interest rates on Savings account – what should you do?

Saving Account Vs Liquid Fund

On 25th May, 2020 Kotak Mahindra Bank slashes interest rate by 0.50 percent on savings deposits. This is second time in month now that bank has cut rate. You can see deposit rates across the banks are dipping due to interest rate lowering by RBI and banks don’t have lot of options as people or … Read more

How long my money will last? Retirement Calculator

How long my money will last - Calculator

Do you feel like retiring now? But don’t know if your savings are sufficient for you to provide income for remaining period. Or you are already retired and want to check how much you can withdraw monthly so you can sustain for long time. Or you are just a curious soul want to find about … Read more

What is risk profile and its importance – Story of Three Idiots

Three idiots

Corona related uncertainty and lock-down is bringing out real nature of most of investors. Our behavior in this crisis situation helps us understand our real nature. This helps us plan future investment appropriately. Today I am sharing my experiences with three people with whom I work closely. You can ask yourself who is behaving like … Read more

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