PPF – All you wanted to know

The Public Provident Fund (PPF) scheme is one of the most popular investments in India today. It provides tax deductions, the maturity proceeds along withinterest are exempt from tax. It is a safe instrument that cannot be attached in case of any debt or liabilities. Here I will try to answer all the questions regarding … Read more

Tata AIA Smart Annuity Plan Review – What are returns?

Let’s do a smart review of Tata AIA Smart Annuity Plan. Let us see if this is better than its peers in anyways? Plan offers guaranteed returns for lifetime. Generally most annuity plans offer similar feature. So what is smart here. Are returns better? Let’s see. Annuity? what is it? Just in case you are … Read more

Free App for booking FD (Fixed Deposit) in India?

Corporate Fixed Deposit

So you are looking for Best Fixed Deposits available in India. Despite inroads by Mutual Fund, there is still large population is investing in Fixed Deposits. But is there any app that is available for this? Yes. Please note I am referring to Corporate Fixed Deposits here. Most of the investors who invest in Fixed … Read more

Bharat Bond ETF 2020 – A short and quick review

Bharat Bond ETF

Edelweiss AMC is launching second leg of Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) launched in 2019. Let us do a short and quick review of Bharat Bond ETF 2020 so you can take informed decision to invest or otherwise. Basically this ETF will have exposure to debt of only Public Sector Units (PSU). This is similar to … Read more


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