Personal Financial Situation – Study Notes

Paper – Investment Planning SpecialistModule – IA. Global Personal Financial ManagementChapter – 1: Personal Financial Situation Learning Objectives 1-1 Identify the types of information to collect regarding a client’s assets and liabilities1-2 Evaluate whether a client is living within financial means Knowledge Items 1.1 Living within financial means You have enough money to cover expenses. … Read more

CFP Investment Planning Formulas

For doing certification, you will need to do lot of calculations. I found having all formulas in one place very useful for revising before exam. In this post, I will keep updating formulas that will help you for Investment Planning module. Please use this page as last minute revision and unless you have context of … Read more

How to select Financial Planner or Investment Advisor?

Family Calculating Expenses

Our wealth is perhaps one of the most important things for us. Ranks may be just after our health and family. Financial Planner or Investment Advisor plays important role in managing our wealth. So how to find a good investment advisor?, What qualities they need to possess?, What educational qualification Investment Advisor should have? Should … Read more