Calculator – Liquid Fund Vs Savings Account

Liquid fund and Savings Account are competing for your money for day to day expenses. This calculator will tell you approximately how much you can earn between Liquid Fund and Saving Account. All you need to know is how much interest you got from saving account. Check your passbook or bank statement. Input interest you received say in last one year. Based on that amount, Calculator will let you know about the likely benefit.You can then decide if Saving Account is good for you or Liquid Fund.

You can read story behind this calculator and how to use it in this blog.

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If you decide to go for Liquid Funds, I suggest avoid regular plans. Liquid Funds are very straight forward and selecting one does not need lot of research like in Equity or other debt Funds. You can select top rated Liquid Fund from here. It should save you some commission without any significant risk. You can go for any direct mutual fund platform of your choice. I use Kuvera. You can read my review here.

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