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Are you a investment advisor, financial planner, insurance agent or mutual fund distributor or just personal finance enthusiast? This is opportunity for both of us to collaborate. If you have some idea , suggestions, want to reviews of mutual fund, insurance plans, financial apps but don’t want to really start full fledge blog then this could help you.

I am looking for some unbiased, honest articles in field of personal finance. You can write article in this blog. I will publish it here with your details. I feel this will be win – win – win situation. Yes three wins.

Win 1 – What is it for you?

Your article will be published with your details like – name, email, contact # , photo and summary. You can decide what details you want it to be made public. If people like your article, they can reach out to you for your investment / advisory service.

This will also give you some feel about blogging. This experience & recognition would be useful for you if you later decide to become full fledge blogger. You can show case these articles and be freelance writer if you wish to do so.

Win 2 – What is it for readers?

My aim is make this blog have honest and unbiased blogs in field of personal finance. I write once a week. If I get some similar minded people, we can publish may be one article per day or so. That way more content for readers.

Also if just one person writes, there are chances that articles are not with diverse opinion. For example, I may be little conservative (or vice versa) person and that may translate in my opinions. So if multiple people contribute, it would be good mix of different views for readers.

Win 3 – What is it for me?

Let me be very honest. I don’t have money to pay good financial planners or advisors to write for here. I hardly get any monetary returns from this blog. This way I am also getting some good content, diverse views on my blog. That too without really spending money for the same.

If you like the idea, please contact me.

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