Edelweiss US Technology Equity FOF- Review

Edelweiss US Tech Equity FOF

Summary Edelweiss Mutual Fund house has launched a new fund. Lets review Edelweiss US Technology Equity FOF or Fund of Fund. What is fund of fund? Should you invest in it? Or there are better options? Let’s review and see. NFO opened on 14th Feb and closes on 28th Feb 2020. Being open ended scheme, … Read more

Tata Multi Asset Opportunities Fund – Should you invest?

Tata Multi Asset Opportunities Fund

Summary Tata Mutual Fund house has launched a new fund “Tata Multi Asset Opportunities Fund”. Should you invest or give it a pass? Let’s review and see its suitability. It opened on 14th Feb and closes on 28th Feb 2020. Being open ended scheme, later in a week’s time, it will open for normal subscription. … Read more

Sundaram Balanced Advantage Fund – Should you invest?

Sundaram Balanced Adv Fund Process

Summary Sundarm Mutual Fund house has launched a new fund “Sundaram Balanced Advantage Fund”. Should you invest? Let’s review this new NFO and see if its suitable for you. It opened on 14th Feb and closes on 28th Feb 2020. Later in a week’s time it will open for subscription again. 1. What does “Balanced … Read more

JM Financial Products NCD – Should you invest?

JM Financial Products has come up with NCD offering yield up to 10%. Should you invest it or avoid it? How should you invest? Let’s do a quick and short review. Verdict Should you invest in or avoid it? So here it is… I am positive on JM Financial NCD offered currently. One can invest … Read more

Which home loan is best – think smart , think overdraft

Best Home Loan

Glad you are wondering which is best home loan to opt for. Home loan is long term liability and we should be very careful in choosing same. In this article, we will see overdraft loan which offers better features than standard home loan. What is overdraft? Overdraft or commonly referred as OD is facility that … Read more

IDFC Emerging Businesses Fund – Should you invest?

IDFC Emrgng Businesses Fund

Summary IDFC Mutual Fund house is launching a new fund “IDFC Emerging Businesses Fund”. NFO opens on 3rd Feb and closes of 17th Feb 2020. This is open ended scheme, so you can invest in it anytime later as well. Let’s check if you should invest in fund at this stage. 1. What does small … Read more

Be careful of current year top performing mutual funds


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover… Is it current year performance that you see while investing in mutual fund? Do you chase current year’s top performer mutual funds? Read on. For common non finance person, first thing to look in mutual fund at is performance of that fund. Generally mutual funds publish 1 year, … Read more

Tata Quant Fund NFO – Should you invest?

Tata Quant Fund - Machine Learning / AI in stock selection

Summary Tata Asset Management company is launching a new fund “Tata Quant Fund”. This fund is going to use machine learning to aid stock selection and portfolio allocation. It is planning to use statistical techniques to identify patterns and their correlation to performance of stocks. Using same, a strategy would be formalized. This model would … Read more

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