Best Balanced Advantage Funds by Vikram and Betaal

LIC MF Balance Advantage Fund Review

LIC Mutual Fund launched Balanced Advantage Fund NFO on 20th October 2021. It’s an open-ended fund investing dynamically in assets – equity and debt. If you keep worrying whether to invest in equity or book profit and move to safer debt part, investing in balanced advantage fund is the best bet.  So should you invest in … Read more

Personal Financial Situation – Study Notes

Paper – Investment Planning SpecialistModule – IA. Global Personal Financial ManagementChapter – 1: Personal Financial Situation Learning Objectives 1-1 Identify the types of information to collect regarding a client’s assets and liabilities1-2 Evaluate whether a client is living within financial means Knowledge Items 1.1 Living within financial means You have enough money to cover expenses. … Read more


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