NPS APP Review – Simple but Effective

NPS App Review

NPS or National Pension System is growing in popularity. May be due to extra tax benefits, but definitely we see more and more people opting for NPS now. Is there any simple way to invest in NPS and also manage and track it without moving out of your house? Today we will review app available … Read more

HDFC Dividend Yield Fund Review – Will it pay rich dividends?

HDFC Dividend Yield Fund NFO

It’s raining NFOs. Fund Houses want to cash on strong market sentiments. I am little late on reviews as there are just too many NFOs going on currently. Anyways, let us do a quick review of new fund launched yesterday 27 Nov 2020 – HDFC Dividend Yield Fund NFO. We will see if you or … Read more

ICICI Prudential Quant Fund NFO – Review – A Blind Date?

Franklin Templeton Winds up Six Schemes

Let us do a quick review of new fund getting launched on 23rd Nov 2020 – ICICI Prudential Quant Fund NFO. Let us see if we should invest in this NFO. I am sure title of post is giving you enough hints as what my view is. As usual, I will try to keep it … Read more

Mirae Asset Banking and Financial Services Fund – Review

Mirae banking And Financial Services Fund NFO

Let us do a quick review of new fund getting launched soon – Mirae Asset Banking and Financial Services Fund NFO. Let us see if you or who should invest in this fund at this time. I will try to keep it short. You must have already seen details in other reviews (Google does not … Read more

How to select Financial Planner or Investment Advisor?

Family Calculating Expenses

Our wealth is perhaps one of the most important things for us. Ranks may be just after our health and family. Financial Planner or Investment Advisor plays important role in managing our wealth. So how to find a good investment advisor?, What qualities they need to possess?, What educational qualification Investment Advisor should have? Should … Read more

Free App for booking FD (Fixed Deposit) in India?

Corporate Fixed Deposit

So you are looking for Best Fixed Deposits available in India. Despite inroads by Mutual Fund, there is still large population is investing in Fixed Deposits. But is there any app that is available for this? Yes. Please note I am referring to Corporate Fixed Deposits here. Most of the investors who invest in Fixed … Read more

How to be an Investment Advisor without doing CFP Certification

You are a Mutual Fund Distributor, Insurance Agent or in field of selling of some financial products. You now want to move to next level which is Investment Advisor or Financial Planner. However you do not have time or money to do CFP Certification. Is there any other alternative available? Yes. Regulator itself has provided … Read more

Best CFP Course for FPSB Certification in India

CFP Course Blog Image

So you want to do CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certification and looking for a course to help you complete certification on time. Here I have compared some of the best CFP courses available in India. Hope this will help you chose right one. Do comment if any noteworthy course is missing in list. Also if … Read more

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